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Inspirations issue i107.

Cost of digital file is $9.99.

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April 2021

Sweet Repose

Let’s get some inspiration from the land down under and the magazine of the same name. “Sweet Repose” is a crewel project; Jeanne will be our guide for this program.

If you are interested in participating in this program you will need to purchase the design and instructions directly from “Inspirations” magazine as a digital download.


You will need the following supplies for the project:

  • Medium weight linen (or linen twill) 13.75 x 40"  if you plan to use linen for both the front and back of the cushion. If you plan to use a different backing fabric or finish the design in some other way, 13.75 x 20" will work.

  • Crewel needles

  • Washable marker or other way to transfer the pattern

  • Embroidery hoop (at least 9")

  • Appleton wool (12 colors; 1 skein per color. Colors provided with the pattern download.)

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