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Bucks County EGA Anniversary Tea

On April 3, 2016 Bucks County EGA celebrated their 35th anniversary at a Tea Party at Byer's Choice Emporium, in the Nativity Room, in Chalfont, PA.  Two choices of tea were served as well as many types of finger sandwiches and little cakes.  


years !

The 35th Anniversary committee consisted of Tanis Varcoe, Vail Hauke and Toni Buchanan, all past presidents of Bucks EGA!  The guest speaker was Kay Leisey, proprietor of Homespun, a woolens and yard goods shop in Hereford, PA.  Germaine Ledoux is our current President of Bucks EGA.

Anniversary Challenge

The 35th Anniversary Planning Committee issued a challenge to members. Members were given a gold needle, two pieces of dark blue wool (color of the Embroiderers' Guild of America), a piece of gold wool and a piece of coral wool (representing 35 years).  Members had to use their creativity to create a needle book.  At the June 2016 Bucks EGA meeting, members submitted their completed challenges.

1st place winner

Germaine Ledoux

2nd place winner

Vail Hauke

3rd Place Winner

Rachel McLaughlin

Additional wonderful completed challenges

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